Paul Briggs



Being one of those kids who “doodled all the time”, creativity was a need early in my life. I discovered ceramics in ninth grade. Eventually, I found myself studying art at the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University. To my delight, I entered the art world and realized there were many people who needed to make things. In high school, I learned how enjoyable reading could be but in college, it was a deliverance. An MFA in 3-D from the Massachusetts College of Art and a Ph.D. in Art Education from the Pennsylvania State University is what art and reading compelled me to pursue. I enjoy teaching at the college level as an associate professor at the Massachusetts College of Art and accepting the honor to conduct workshops periodically.

Artist Statement

Pinch-forming is the entry-level process to introduce novices to ceramics. My windflowers are made using the traditional pinch-forming method of expanding a vessel from one piece of clay. I have hyper-developed the method as the forms are pinch-formed and the high-relief surface design is likewise created by pinching. At 10 inches tall they move pinch pots far beyond the usual 3 – 4 inch bowl threshold. The body of the vessel is pinched out from one chunk of clay, sometimes a flat or dome shape base is added. The pinch-form work draws very much on outer natural phenomena yet also facilitates the development of a mindful existence.

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