Brooke Cashion


Brooke Cashion is a ceramic artist originally from California. She currently resides in Western New York where she is an adjunct faculty and a technician’s assistant at Alfred University. She has a BFA from The University of the Pacific, a post-bachelor degree from Colorado State University, and an MFA from New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University.

Cashion has worked as a studio technician at Cabrillo College and as a gallery assistant for Harvey Meadows (now Harvey Preston) in Aspen, CO, and the Artstream Nomadic Gallery. She has exhibited her work throughout the United States and in Colombia. Presently, Cashion’s studio practice focuses on the use of conventional components of ceramics to explore the fluidity of the material’s registration. She toys with fixed categories and set logic, mixing genres in her improvisational working style.

Artist Statement

Brooke Cashion’s ceramic works strive to live up to the lyrical sensibilities of the material that she is engaged with. The coil is a recurring element in her red clay constructions which may be sculptural or speak to unique functions. The coil has primacy in clay, and it also shares the overlooked situation of it. The form of coil is all around and within us. Often hidden, it is the pipes, wires, pylons, and vessels which carry our energy, information, and waste. She uses the directionality and repeating pattern of the coil to explore the characteristics of a form put into different situations. The varied performances of the coil lend ideas about transportation, suspension, structure, nature, function, and unification.

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