The Democratic Cup

The Democratic Cup is a slow activism project that uses handmade cups to encourage people to become active and engaged citizens in democracy. We encourage person-to-person civil conversations about social and political issues. The cups have been collaboratively made by ceramic artists and illustrators based in the US who want to counteract the Trump administration’s assault on civil liberties and civil rights. As a country, we need conversations and connections to reinforce the dignity and inclusivity of all Americans, regardless of race, religion, gender, sexuality, and culture. The Democratic Cup believes that these cups will act as agents of social change by generating positive political discourse. Founded in March of 2016 by Ayumi Horie and Nick Moen.

Participating Artists include Adam Chau, Adam Gruetzmacher, Alex Matisse, Amos Paul Kennedy Jr, Ayumi Horie, Bianka Groves, Birdie Boone, Danez Smith, Dave Gordon, Doug Peltzman, East Fork Pottery, Justin Rothshank, Kate Bingaman-Burt, Kathy King, Klai Brown, Klein Reid, Kristen Kieffer, Kristina Micotti, Lauren Gallaspy, Lisa Congdon, Marc Digeros, Michael Corney, Michelle Summers, Molly Bishop, Nick Moen, Nikki Mizak, Peter Pincus, Roberto Lugo, Sandra Trujillo, Scott Lenhardt, Scott Nash, Shannon Tovey, Sophia Cangelosi, and Ursula Hargens.

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