Stuart Gair


Stuart Gair received a history degree from Ohio University and completed an MFA from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Recently, Stuart was a long-term Artist In Residence at The Archie Bray Foundation, where he created a new body of work, taught classes, and explored the surrounding area. His minimal and straightforward thrown, altered, and molded forms are created to pair with one another in the soda kiln and leave particular marks on the surface of each piece. A pursuit of subtleties, depth, texture, darkness, and highlights are present in his current exploration of the surface as he attempts to balance it with form. Currently, Stuart is teaching at Colorado Mountain College and Carbondale Clay Center and is excited to pursue new ideas as he works toward new surfaces and forms.

Artist Statement

The pots I make are rooted in my investigation of historical objects, architecture, function, and sculpture. It is important that each piece is approachable and functional to encourage the use and closer examination. As a student of History, I’m drawn to forms that have endured through time. Creating a new form provides me the opportunity to explore these interests through the subtleties of detail, volume, and geometry.
Each piece is made either on the wheel and then altered, pressed into a mold, or slip cast. These making techniques allow the creation of sleek, paired-down forms that are a result of my investigation of mid-twentieth century Scandinavian forms as well as contemporary architecture and design found around the world.
My background in the study of History provides me with insight into my own work in reference to a larger historical context. I find it deeply satisfying to create soda-fired objects that can be used and enjoyed and it is my hope that the user discovers subtleties of form and the depth of the surface through use and time. The ideas of continuity and progress throughout history fascinate me and inspire my evolving aesthetic.

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