Lydia Johnson


Lydia Johnson is an artist who works full time in her studio in Manchester, Connecticut. She has exhibited nationally at galleries such as The Clay Studio, Northern Clay Center, Lillstreet Gallery and the Artstream Nomadic Gallery. In 2017, she was the recipient of the Individual Artist Fellowship from the Tennessee Arts Commission. In 2019, she demonstrated at the Florida Heat symposium and participated in the Architectural Design Digest show in New York City. Her work is sold and collected worldwide in countries such as Australia, Japan, England, Turkey and Norway.

Artist Statement

I make functional pots out of double-sided, patterned clay slabs. I came to work this way after becoming frustrated by the term “surface decoration”. I was captured by the idea of a sheet of printed fabric transforming into a cup. In my work, visual, flat pattern and color function as fundamental structure. A double sided, printed slab is my material.

I look and digest and reference. I embrace the “mix and match” aesthetic commonly found in quilting, fashion design and interior decoration. I look at Japanese Kimonos, Indian Chintz fabric, high fashion runway outfits, American folk quilts, Islamic tile work and stained glass.

I love using tableware as a vehicle to explore imagery. All over pattern/color creates an engaging physical and visual relationship between user and object which I hope orchestrates synergy of the eyes, hands, mind and heart.

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