Kari Radasch



Kari is a mother, potter and tile maker living in Portland Maine. She received her BFA from the Maine College of Art and her MFA from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. Kari has taught workshops and lectured across the country and loves to share her excitement for clay with her students. She currently teaches at Maine College of Art.

Artist Statement

My earthenware pots are both sparse and embellished. Structurally they are straightforward, while the surfaces include bold, graphic, and painterly ornamentation. I revel in this dualism. I am constantly collecting, arranging and garnishing; then organizing, simplifying and editing both my forms and surfaces.

I pluck joyous observations from my life. I then reassemble and reimagine these investigations, like sketches in a sketchbook, onto functional dishes—a format which has the unique ability to hold a warm sentimental place in our lives.

I have always been a fashion before function kind of gal. I think of my dishes as the “platform shoes of pottery”— they are party pots with utilitarian concerns. I hope they are used at your most meaningful occasions and help punctuate important moments in your life.

More information about Kari can be found at: kariradasch.com

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