Kaitlyn Getz


Kaitlyn GetzKaitlyn Getz Ozminkowski is an artist living in Carbondale, Colorado. She holds a BFA from Ohio University and a Post-Baccalaureate from Pennsylvania State University. Before moving to the Western Slope she was a Program Assistant at the Haystack Mountain School of Craft in Maine as well as an Educational Assistant at the Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in Tennessee. She recently completed a three year assistantship with artist Alleghany Meadows and is currently the StudioTechnician for Colorado Mountain College in Aspen, Colorado. Her work has been exhibited nationally as well as internationally at the International Ceramics Studio in Hungary. She can now be found at the Studio for Arts + Works, inside the Artstream, or out climbing the Rockies.

Artist Statement

The archival nature of ceramic invites my mark-making to become a more permanent voice in inciting visual narrative. The weight that a ceramic object bares also plays into the metaphorical weight of the moments of pause, excitement, and recognition of human life that inspire me to be a maker. The surfaces I create upon objects are a reminder to viewers that another human was present in those moments and there is a lot of beauty in seeing each other. I believe that we are all in search of meaning, whether that be found in our day-to-day objects surrounding us or simply within a visual representation, this is where my work lives.

The materials that I choose to work with in ceramics deepen the experience of encountering these objects. The clay I choose to work from and the many glazes I select are intentionally chosen to represent their inherent permanence. The marks I make will live on much longer than myself and the viewer. I find meaning in the idea that the same calcium that makes up the very bones of my being are also present in the work I am making.