Julia Galloway


Julia Galloway is a studio potter and has exhibited across the United States, Canada, and Asia. She was recently awarded a United States Artist Grant and named a Distinguished Scholar at the University of Montana. Julia has served on the board of the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, the Archie Bray Foundation, Director at Large at NCECA, and is an active member of the Green Task Force; a group dedicated to understanding and educating environmentally responsible practices in ceramics. Currently, Julia is working on a large-scale exhibition; a series of ceramic urns portraying endangered species in the United States. She was delighted to take a month off and make some domestic pots for the Artstream! Julia has an active studio practice in Missoula and is a professor of ceramics at the University of Montana, Missoula.

Artist Statement

I am interested in pottery that is joyous; beautiful objects with meaning that weave into our daily lives through use. Pottery decorates our living spaces with character and elegance. Teapots celebrate our tea-drinking ritual; a pitcher adorns the mantel when not in use; a mug with slight texture inside the handle allows our fingers to discover uniqueness. Pottery is a reflection and celebration of ourselves.
I always wonder, how am I nourished by where I live? I find utilitarian pottery the best method to express my ideas. Handmade pottery is naturally rich in ideas and metaphor; pottery seeps into our houses, our kitchens, and enriches our lives. Pottery weaves into our daily lives through use and decorates our living spaces with character and elegance; pottery is joyous. Pottery is a reflection of our reality, our fantasy, and ourselves.

More information about Julia can be found at: juliagalloway.com