Bradley Walters


Brad Walters is from the small town of Dallas, GA which is west of Atlanta. He attended LaGrange College, a liberal arts school, to receive a BA with a major in art and ceramics. While in College, Brad spent his summers taking workshops at the Penland School of Crafts where he had experiences that fueled his passions for clay art. He moved to the Penland area after college to work for ceramic professionals. He was accepted as a Penland core/fellowship student for two years. Brad then moved to Snowmass Village, CO to work at the Anderson Ranch Arts Center as a year round resident artist in clay and a summer assistant with their workshop programs. After time spent at the Ranch Brad was accepted to the MFA program at Alfred University in Alfred, NY where he graduated with a masters degree in ceramic art. Brad is now a full time studio potter in the southeast.

Artist Statement

Simple, I want to make beautiful pots that people love and want to live with. My art is reachable. I want it to be in people’s homes, to share their environment and to give those people pleasure on a daily basis, when they use it or just to beautify a space. The hand to material connection is important to me, a one on one relationship to the clay and the finishing processes. My touch is present, giving my pieces a lively essence and character while carrying a reflection of nature. The work is about capturing a moment in time during the act of making. I look for optimum form and surface while I’m making a piece to show the qualities of touch on the beautiful material clay. When I am painting I must commit and keep fluid movements, this helps me give confidence, character and life to the images and flowing line work. Finally, wood firing has helped me put nature in the finish. With the accumulation of beautiful atmosphere it is emulating what can happen through time and the developments of a nature.