Boo and Finni, CO (Jen Arnold and Just Emerson)


Boo&Finni is a collaborative artistic duo started by Just Emerson and Jennifer Arnold,  who live and work in Carbondale Colorado. Work made by Boo&Finni ranges from slip cast lamps, candelabras, pottery, jewelry and sculpture.

Emerson is originally from Dracut, MA and Jen is originally from Jonesboro, AR, both met during graduate school at Alfred University 2012-2014. 

Jen and Emerson recently made the decision to move their studio practice to Wilson, AR. Moving to Wilson presents an opportunity to start a pottery from the ground up. Wilson is a small town with a 100 year plan to generate different perspectives and new experiences for the community to learn from each other’s various versions of creativity. 


Our goal as a ceramic collaborative is to push ourselves creatively by constantly challenging each other.  Often those challenges and ideas come out as questioning each other’s choices and designs. Our main objective is to play around and get excited about ideas without the consideration of financial gain.  

Kitsch is usually associated with commercial products.   We take a handmade approach to the idea of kitsch and add a little humor with a touch of taboo subject matter. The best discoveries stem from curiosity.  We like to offer an element of surprise for anyone who decides to take a moment, or invest in a long term relationship, with one of our pieces. Your curiosity and investigation is what gives our work a platform to express itself. 

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