Ryan Burch


Ryan Burch was born in 1993 in southern Vermont. His father has been a professional glassblower for over 40 years, and together, his parents manage Brandywine Glassworks. Attending nationally renowned craft shows across the east coast during his childhood and teenage years, Burch developed an appreciation for craftsmanship and the functional and beautiful objects that can be created using such techniques. This interest caught hold, and Ryan attended the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University to study functional ceramics. After spending the majority of his studies focused on the technical and conceptual aspects of creating functional ceramics in the contemporary world, Burch moved to Colorado after his graduation in 2015. He apprenticed for Allegheny Meadows, assisted at the Harvey / Meadows Gallery, and was an intern for the Artstream Nomadic Gallery. This opportunity exposed Ryan to some of the finest ceramic work created in the past 100 years, and allowed him to exhibit his work on a national scale. After completing his year long internship, Burch returned to Vermont to teach ceramics at Vermont Academy in Saxtons River, where, for a living, he teaches high school students and manages Ryan Burch Ceramics.

Artist Statement

For me, making with my hands has always seemed to be the most sensible and authentic contribution I can make to the world. Creating utilitarian objects that aid in the daily tasks and routines of everyday life has become the most direct method of articulating my value systems and philosophies to the world. In this sense, functional wares have the ability to bridge the gap and communicate between maker and user. Even without the use of language, handmade utilitarian objects can succinctly express and translate the world’s most basic principles and can connect individuals who may have otherwise remained unattached.

This potential bond is what drives my desire to make and allows me to envision my work influencing traditional customs and activating the contemporary imagination. I attempt to entice the modern public by creating utilitarian forms that refer to history but also provide an earnest, eccentric, and forward-thinking tone. By working with this intention, I hope to promote awareness and appreciation of material, process, and product. I strive to reconnect individuals with the source of the commodities and objects they live with and use on a daily basis. It is my belief that by building a stronger connection between maker and user, and a more thorough understanding of this relationship, we will ultimately discover a living system that is deeply gratifying.

More information about Ryan can be found at: ryanburchceramics.com