Elizabeth Benotti


Ever since I first got my hands into clay, I’ve seen the subtle power of surrounding ourselves with meaningful, quality goods. These objects, when made with care and selected with love, have a way of encouraging us to stop and be present in the moment. They’re vessels for the goods that we use and display…but also for whispers from late night conversations, stories we share over and over, and feelings we want to hold onto. I’m Elizabeth, the artist behind these porcelain pieces. I was born and raised in Massachusetts before being called west to earn a BFA at the University of Colorado in Boulder. It was there that I took my first ceramics class. It didn’t take long to fall in love with the material, process and community this medium fosters. Upon graduation, I was accepted into the Resident Artists program at the Mendocino Art Center. In a small town nestled on the northern coast of California, I worked alongside a small group of dedicated artists and explored the relationships between everyday objects, color, image and form. After that year, I opened my very first online shop and continued to dig into my work; working first from a garage in Boulder and a small personal studio in Mendocino. In 2010, I returned to the east coast to make ceramics my full-time career. Looking back, it’s a blur of art fairs, late nights and hands covered in clay. After stints in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, life finally brought me to the small, coastal town of Eliot, Maine. I work out of a solo studio just a hop skip and a jump away from my little home. Needless to say, it’s been a journey – one full of colorful characters and experiences that influence my art each day.