Doug Browe


doug-broweFor over 40 years ceramics has been the driving focus of my life, as a designer, maker and self-taught engineer, a studio potter and apprenticeship program leader with a passion for locally prospected and harvested ceramic materials. This passion led me to work with Potters for Peace in setting up a ceramics studio in a Burmese Refugee camp in 2002, returning in 2004 to train the refugees in making ceramic water filters. Inspired by teaching in the camp, I returned to school at age 50 to complete a Masters degree in art and began teaching ceramics at the college level in 2007.

Currently, I head Ceramics and Sculpture at Mendocino College in Ukiah, CA and have a studio practice making sculpture and utilitarian ceramics and in Elk, CA. Teaching and its time commitment these last 8 years has dramatically changed my making practice. This new work is the direct result of working within that reality, finding a balance, and creating a dynamic of reciprocity.

“Fascinated with the architecture of the human figure, I seek that place where a vessel finds form inspired by figural and architectural landscapse and use that narrative to express a variety of personal and social issues”.