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Contact:           Elizabeth Robinson

Artstream Nomadic Gallery:
2007 NCECA ExhibitionTour

(NCECA is the National Council of Education of Ceramic Arts, an annual conference held in a different city each year. This year it is in Louisville, KY.)

In 2001, potter Alleghany Meadows remodeled a 30-foot 1967 Airstream Sovereign Land Yacht into a traveling exhibition space featuring his work and the work of fellow artists. Based in Carbondale, CO, it has traveled from Los Angeles to New York, Houston to Minneapolis, putting contemporary ceramic art on the street. Because of its "curb appeal," the gallery attracts a wide range of viewers, from experienced art appreciators to unsuspecting passersby who are drawn to the sleek modern design or the rich travel history of the airstream trailer. The interior has been completely changed to reflect the warmth of a domestic space, with cherry wood floors, wooden counters and track lighting. As a nomadic gallery, this project reflects the transitory nature of young artists who travel to colleges, artist-in-residencies, and other events and opportunities spread throughout our country.

  There are 12 emerging, nationally and internationally recognized artists in the exhibition:

Lisa Orr, Austin, TX
Christa Assad, San Francisco, CA
Ayumi Horie, Cottekill, NY
Nancy Barbour, Carbondale, CO
Andrew Brayman, Kansas City, MO
Alleghany Meadows, Carbondale, CO
Bernadette Curran, Ardmore, PA
Simon Levin, Gresham, WI
Michael Corney, CA
Elizabeth Robinson, Rangely, CO
Robert Sutherland, Philadelphia, PA
Andrew Martin, Clearlake, CA

Artstream Images

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Artstream in the city
Artstream on the road
Artstream interior
Artstream open for business

Artist Images

Alleghany MeadowsAlleghany Meadows
Alleghany MeadowsAlleghany Meadows
Christa Assad Bernadette Curran
above, left to right: Christa Assad teapot, Bernadette Curran cups